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a cubist marriage

a cubist marriage

marriage is two
animals of prey circling sniffing
snarling and striking boundaries.

Marriage is two
cleaving into crevices of acceptance
launching from points of boundary
pushing pulling

as self adjusts to other
and other shapes self.

Marriage extends shape:
it forms an inner circle
which lives within a cube
held within the great Sphere.

Each shape feeds and informs the other
breathing, out and in
marriage invites a new balance;

creating this settling imperfect union.
one supported, upheld from an uncanny center
of knowing and unknowing.

marriage is woman man
man man woman woman
where does marriage begin and where does it end?
me Self?

crossing the threshold
from unconscious co-creation to
a conscious act of commitment,
is an exercise of personal freedom.
our families too may become… a marriage of individual marriages.

Marriage IS a committed journey of boundary crossing.
Ships have the power to navigate time space mystery;
Only we can make a new whole.

–Monisha Mittal

(Author’s note: work in progress, this is a revised draft.)

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