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Increasing emotional and mental awareness

  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath, releasing it slowly (do this again if needed).  Pick one phrase from the choices below.  Focus on that phrase in your mind and continue breathing for several minutes. Feel free to modify the phrase to something that works for you. The goal of this is to establish an initial connection to the wellspring in you.  Take note of what you feel afterwards. Repeat once a day, finding a spot or space that gives you a sense of comfort.
    • I am well
    • I connect to my wellness
    • I connect to the source of my wellness
  • Now, a different exercise. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. This exercise asks you to meditate on a word and asks your awareness to locate where you feel that word in your body. Ask your body gently to guide you as you locate the holding of this in your body (ask it where). Keep breathing as it may take a few times before the awareness emerges. Once you have located the connection your body has to the word, simply thank your body and its guidance for the experience and close it up.
    • Comfort
    • Laughter
    • Safety
    • Peace
    • Play
    • If you feel you can trust your experience, and act as a gentle observer, then play with the following words. Again once you have located the connection in your body, send peace and love to that spot and thank your body for showing it to you!:
    • Fear
    • Anxiety
    • Despair
    • Love

Try Byron Katie’s The Work, to understand the stories you may carry in your brain versus what might be true for you in your heart. For example, ask the four questions on the thought “I am over-weight”; “I am heavy;” or “I hate when I (fill in for yourself).

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