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Here is story of eat less, feed more:

When my husband was in graduate school and we were living on one income, we very quickly had to learn how to spread our limited dollars. I had to think hard about the cost of organic foods and as a result, ended up having to do research on what exactly we were getting for the money. We ended up choosing to spend our money on quality meats and bread at Whole Foods but got our fruits and vegetables from a low-cost outlet (called Produce Junction) local to the Philadelphia area. As an example, I could get six to eight red bell peppers for $2.50. I did not get my milk organic then (but do now). We eliminated processed foods–which are expensive whether they are at a chain store (like Pathmark, Acme, Safeway) or at an organic store—with the exception of cereal and bought some grains bulk (rice and pasta).

We also learned to eat less—saying that out loud might sound bad but we weren’t exactly suffering from malnourishment at the time (we are American after all). It took a while to learn the right balance. We learned to increase our vegetables and share what used to be one helping of meat per person among the two of us. Its been so rewarding that we continue to do this today even when we go to restaurants. We save money buying our food, we lose unhealthy weight, our hunger point has reset so we feel satisfied all day long, we have less to clean-up and use less packaging to pollute the planet with. Making things from raw, from scratch actually saves us hundreds of dollars and makes us healthier?! why weren’t we doing this before? Even though we have 2 incomes now (and have since relocated to the DC area) we keep our commitment to the lifestyle that came to us through necessity.  To date, I have lost 14 pounds and my husband has lost 17.

It has been quite a journey, one that has transformed cooking into smaller spontaneous acts of creativity and nourishment. I get energy out of what I do for myself. So now I am focusing this philosophy on the other areas of my self, what feeds me professionally, personally, physically? It’s a great question.

This blog is dedicated to mindfully feeding ourselves and making conscious choices for more juicy living. Eating has come to mean the opposite of choice—us taking uninformed actions without asking ourselves what that action is doing for us. So, welcome to your journey of Eat Less, Feed More.

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